No Program name Description Day Time
1 Neerchaalukal Reflections and lessons from life Daily 6.40 am/ 9.25 pm
2 Pradeshikavaarthakal (Aakashavaani) Regional News Daily 6.45 am/12.30 pm/12.50 pm/6.20 pm & 7.25 pm
3 Deshiyavaarthakal (Aakashavaani) National News Daily 7.25 am/
4 Dhinavrithantham Historical important of each day Daily 7.35 am
5 Life Tips Tips for a better living by a Psychologist Daily 8.00am/9.00 pm
6 Ariyippukal Information, Opportunities to the Public Daily 8.05am/11.55 am/6 pm
7 Marine Weather Marine Weather forecast from INCOIS Daily 8 am, 12pm, 4pm, and 6 pm
8 Haritha Swapnangal Programme on Environmental Issues Sunday/Tuesday 8.10 am
9 Ragasudha Saagaram Lessons on Ragas with illustrations Sunday/Monday 8.30 am/6.35 pm
10 Shasthralokam Updates on scientific achievements Sunday/ 9.00am/
11 Dhuranthangalil Oru Kai Thangu Disaster Management Sunday/Monday 9.35 am/11 am
12 Kochukutikalude Kaathodu Kaathoram (Live Phone-in) Interactive Phone in Programme for Children Sunday 10.00 am
13 Kaathodu Kaathoram (Live Phone-in) Interactive Phone in Programme Daily 12.00 pm to 3.00 p.m
14 Hridayjaalakam Travelogue Sunday/Monday 3.00 pm and 9.00 am [Thursdays – 10.00 am Old  Repeat)
15 Kaathodu Pesalaam Interactive Phone in Programme forTamil minorities Saturday/Sunday 4.00 pm to 5 pm
16 Jilla Vrithantham (Aakashavaani) Bi-monthly news round up about Kollam On 3rd and 18th 06.05 pm
17 Voice of Lyceum School Radio Club Activities Sunday/ 7.00 pm/
18 Bed Time Stories Stories for children Daily 9.15 pm
19 Drama Radio Drama by volunteers (Special Programme)
20 Abhimugham (Special Programme) Interview with personalities (Special Programme)
21 Vaarthatharingini (Aakaashavaani) News Analysis Thursday 8.45 am
22 Mindiyum Paranjum (Live Phone-in) Interactive Programme on Various Issues Monday 9 am to 10 am
23 Khan Live (Live Phone-in) Phone in progamme with Consultant Psychologist Monday 3 pm to 4 pm
24 Whatsapp View Integrating social media with broadcasting /Sunday 400pm/
25 Vaartha Veekshanam (Aakaashavaani) News Analysis on various issues Monday 6.30 pm
26 Sindhoora Cheppu Interview with accomplished women personalities Monday/Wednesday 8.00 pm/10.00 am
27 Hridayapoorvam Medical tips for a healthy heart Mond,Wed,Fri 9.05 pm
Rpt next day 7.15 am,9.05pm
7.15am (3 repeats)
28 Mattukurayunna Kaumaaram Issues of Anaemic children Tuesday/Thursday 7.45 am , [Wed/Fri (Rpt at 4 pm)]
29 Valiyettanum Valiyechiyum Kochukootukarum Interview with child prodigies Tuesday/Wed 8.30 am/ 7.40 pm
30 Cherukatha  (Special) Short stories Special
31 Parayanundu Chilathu Personal view on social issues Tuesday/wednesday 9.30 am/3.00 pm
32 Golden Oldies Old songs Tuesday/Saturday 10.30 am/05.30 pm
33 Dil Ki Awaaaz (Live Phone-in) Interactive Phone in programmefor Hindi minorities Tuesday/Saturday 11 am to 12 pm
34 Ruchi Phedam Lessons on cooking Tuesday/Thursday 11.50 am/11.50 am (Rpt Wed/Friday)
35 Kunju Kunju Kaaryangal Observations on little things of life Tuesday/Thursday 4.00 pm/4.00 pm
36 Thozhil Vaarthakal Information regarding job opportunities Tuesday/Wednesday 5.00 pm/8.10 am
37 Rhythms of Fatima FMNCollege Radio Club Activities Tuesday/Wednesday 5.15 pm/11.00 am
38 Vignana Kuruppukal Study on socio economic issues Tuesday/Wednesday 6.10 pm/9.30 am
39 St. Mary’s Ramankulangara School Radio Club Activities Tuesday/Friday 6.30 pm/10.00 am
40 Rangoli Programme for Hindi Minorities Tuesday/Friday 7.00 pm/06.30 pm
41 Karshakamithram Programme on Agriculture & Farming Tuesday/Thursday 8.30 pm/
42 Sukhino Bhavandhu Lessons on Yoga Wednesday/Thursday 8.30 am/6.45 pm
43 Padavukal Stories of succesful people Wednesday/Thursday 9.00 am/8.00 pm
44 Rhithu Issues of Adolescence Wednesday/Friday 10.30 am/08.00 pm
45 Voice of Youth Interactive programme with youth Wednesday/Thrusday 04.30 pm/11 am
46 Symphony of St.Mary’s School Radio Club Activities Wednesday/Sunday 5.00 pm/6.30 pm
47 Harithajaalakam Programme on Agriculture & Farming Wednesday/Monday 5.15 pm/8.30 am
48 Nattile Paattukaar Songs by Local singers Wednesday/Friday 7.00 pm/9.30 am
49 Nilaykaruthe Ee Spandhanangal Breathtaking experiiences of Amubulance Drivers Thursday/Friday 8.15 am/4.30 pm
50 Good Morning Kollam (Live Phone-in) Interactive programme to exchange greetings Thursday 09.00 am
51 Ningalkkum Midukkaraakaam Psychological tips for success Thursday/Friday 11.30 am/05.30 pm
52 Nerum Nunayum (Drama)  Special) Radio Drama (Special Programme)
53 Viswadharpanam Glimpses of world literature Thursday/Saturday 05.00 pm/08.15 am
54 Ishtagaanangal Favourite songs Thursday/Tuesday 7.00 pm/10.00 am
55 Sahithya Sameeksha Literary Discussion Thursday/Sunday 7.35 pm/9.15 am
56 Nammude Nagarathiloode Happenings in the city (Special Programme)
57 Classroom Activities captured from various schools Friday 8.30 am
58 Lahariyude Kaanapurangal Anti-Alchoholism Drive Friday/Monday 9.00 am/5.00 pm
59 Bappuvinte Kaalpaadukal Excerpts from Gandhiji’s writings Friday/Saturday 10.30 am/06.30 pm
60 Loudspeaker Documentaries on various issues Friday/Monday 11.10 am/5.30 pm
61 Doctor Live  (Live phone-in) Interactive phone in programme on health issues Friday 03.00 pm to 4.00 pm
62 Anusmaranam (Special) Memoirs On specific days
63 Vazhivilakkukal Biographies of great personalities Saturday/Monday 07.45 am/7.35 pm
64 Students’ Corner (Live Phone-in) Quiz Programme Saturday 10.00 am to 11.00 am
65 Raagamritham Class on Carnatic Music Saturday/Sunday 6.45 pm/7.45 am
66 Piano English Songs Saturday/Thursday 7.00 pm/05.30 pm
67 Vazhi Vettam (Special) Programmes by differently abled (Special Programme)
68 Highlights of Important Days Programme on Important Days
69 Sukrutham Programmes on bedridden isolated people Thursday/Sunday
70 Forthcoming Programmes
71 Open Learning Course Lessons on Agriculture & Community Health
72 Therapeutic Radio Assisting the healing process of patients by broadcasting their stories
73 Thaaraattu Health tips and advice for motherhood