Radio Benziger is a community radio engaged in the effort to empower people especially those belonging to the marginalized segments in the city of Kollam in order to continuously develop the quality of their life in all its aspects.
It strives to achieve this by providing a platform where the members of the community come together to interact and share information, skills and knowledge regarding issues that concern them and through a participatory process of decision-making, pave the way for continuous development. In this process of community building, Radio Benziger constantly attempts to focus on the local culture and ethos.

We are...

National Awards

Radio Benziger received National award from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting at the second radio sammelan in New Delhi on 19-2-2012. It was awarded second place in the category: community engagement. The... READ MORE

This is a People’s Radio

Radio Benziger became truly a peoples’ radio when it was persuaded to become the radio of the unemployed women, students and casual labourers who found in this medium an appropriate and much needed... READ MORE

Kathodu kathoram

The most popular  programme the daily phone-in programme from 12 pm to 3 an interactive exercise in which people from different walks of life speak over the radio. People tell their stories, sing... READ MORE

The story behind

‘Benziger hospital society’ which is a ‘not-for-profit’ organization  has been undertaking several innovative initiatives like community health centres, self help groups and other social activities in order to express in concrete terms the... READ MORE